Quality certificates

BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL is registered at the National Registrar of Research at the Ministry of University and Scientific Research; the company is also included in the Regional Register of High-Technology Companies.

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Moreover, the facility of Arezzo obtained the CERTIFICATION OF QUALITY SYSTEMS ISO9001 and the EN46001 in November 1999; then in April 2003 the Company has obtained by the TUV Italian Board for both sites the Certification ISO13485:2002 for Quality Systems applied to Medical Devices.
In December 2003 BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL has obtained the CE Certification for In Vitro Diagnostics System named GLUCOVAL and between April and September 2004 it has obtained the CE certification for VISUAL CHOLESTEROL, VISUAL GLUCOSE and for MULTICARE SYSTEM for determination of blood Glucose and Cholesterol.
In year 2005 BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL also obtained CE Certification for determination of Triglicerides for MULTICARE SYSTEM.
Since 2012 BSI quality system is certified by Dekra