BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Srl was founded in 1991 in Arezzo, as a biochemical research company: it was involved in the development, production and trading of Rapid Diagnostics Products. After the early years, BSI extended its range of products and services, thus becoming an organization capable to offer its clients the following:

  • Complete lines of kits, already dispensed in disposable cuvettes, for Rapid Clinical Chemistry in the human and animal sectors; whole blood, serum or plasma can be used; whole blood, serum or plasma based on pre-filled cuvettes.
  • Lines of portable, automatic and semi-automatic Laboratory Photometers
  • Portable systems for the rapid determination of blood glucose by Dry Chemistry (OEM production).
  • Portable multi-parameters based on dry chemistry technology.

The products and services of BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL are mainly directed to customers who operate in decentralized conditions, such as Emergency Units, Veterinary Clinics, surgeries, blood transfusion centres, end-users for glucose monitoring.


Systems for Rapid and traditional Diagnostics. These include automatic and semi-automatic instruments and reagents dedicated to markets of Human and Veterinary Diagnostics. New projects are always under development and one of the most important sources of information is the feedback from our customers. Please visit our Web Site for more details.

Our Staff

BSI Staff is composed of specialised employees with experience in the Chemical, Biochemical and Scientific Research Sectors. The Research and Development (R&D) Department is continuously in evolution; its aim is to transfer new technologies from applied research into new products which represent the state-of-art in their own sectors.
Our instruments are used in laboratories, pharmacies and Care Units worldwide, in order to perform both standard and rapid Clinical Chemistry & Haematological tests. Our aim is to support the advancement of Human Health Care by providing systems that enable laboratories, professionals and patients to perform innovative and rapid diagnostics.

Acquired Technologies:
Electronics: �Through-hole� Assembling, SMD Assembling, PCB + Micro-controller Technology.
Chemistry: stable liquid reagents, Dry Chemistry.

Technologies under development:

Electronics: hybrid circuits, advanced Opt-electronics.
Chemistry: Multi-parameters in Dry Chemistry, biosensors.

The Company's market(s)

At present, BSI sells its products worldwide, from South America to the Far East, through distributors. Our main markets are Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa.
Our dealers are well introduced in laboratories, small public and private clinics, pharmacies, public Tenders of Ministry of Health, Physician surgeries and veterinary laboratories.
Our offices continuously organise up-to-date Technical-scientific training courses; this is fundamental for our Sales network in order to offer service and support to the end-user in the territory.

Location and addresses

The head office of Production, Liquid Chemistry and Dry Chemistry is situated in Arezzo:
Via G. Ferraris 220, ZIP code 52100, Arezzo
Tel: 0575 984164
Fax: 0575 984238

The Instrument Division is situated in Florence:
Via B. Buozzi, 253 � Campi Bisenzio , ZIP code 50013 Firenze
Tel: 055 8963140, Fax 055 8997086

Biochemical Systems International Srl reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.